Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Edits and the Lottery

A little over a week ago I sent my manuscript off to my editor. She told me she'd have notes for me in about a week and I looked at my calendar.

A trip to Tucson to visit my sister.

Did I really want to be angsting over her notes while I was supposed to be sharing memories and making a few new ones? Relaxing ones where I'm in the moment?

My brilliant editor has things going on in her own life right now so I decided to be generous (ahem) and tell her she could wait. She could relax along with me. There was no hurry.

Has it stopped the angstiness? Pffft!

But as long as I don't actually have her notes, there's this teensy little piece of my heart that thinks maybe I'll have won the lottery with this one. It'll blow her away. She'll be sharing it with Big Names in the Publishing Biz.

Yeah, right.

Still, I have a few more days to hold onto that lottery ticket and dream.


Trust me, I'll be checking my inbox daily looking for those notes. Sometimes it's easier to deal with reality than to keep dreaming.

It's all better with friends.