Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Book Review: A VASE OF MISTAKEN IDENTITY by Cathy Elliott

Thea James runs a little antique store in the small town of Larkindale. She and her cat have pretty much figured out their lives and are comfortable living with unfolded laundry and quiet predictability. Personal loss has a way of making "nothing new" something to strive for.

But this is fiction, after all . . .

A body turns up at the local resort and the town is abuzz. A vintage vase is virtually dumped in Thea's lap by Larkindale's favorite homeless person. Inside the vase? A list of four names. One of them, Thea's.

Sometimes we all need to just slow down and live somewhere else for a while. Forget the suspense and escape to the cozy. Leave the fast lane and take a visit to Larkindale.

I admit it took a bit for me to stop looking for the pace and start savoring the fluff. Elliott's first novel gives us a wonderful escape with an almost chick-lit feel. Even though I think there are parts that could have been cut in this story, Elliott has established characters I want to meet again. A town I kind of like. An escape from my normal escape.

For something lovely and gentle and well . . . cozy . . . get your hands on A Vase of Mistaken Identity.

It's all better with friends.

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