Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Review: WHITE SOUL by Brandt Dodson

Ron Ortega is a young, ambitious undercover agent. He’s playing a dangerous role in a perilous game with the very highest stakes—his life and his soul.

The agent has infiltrated one of Miami’s top drug operations, and now someone wants him dead. Compromising positions are leading to compromising decisions—and his learning curve is about to get steeper.

At home—in a world Ron can’t be an active participant in—is his wife, pregnant with their first child and dealing with life without enough money. Waiting for the day her husband returns.

Brandt Dodson brings us another well written, well researched novel in White Soul. Dodson isn’t afraid to deal with the dark shadows of a glittering city. Settings and characters are three-dimensional without distracting from the pace. Short, tight chapters keep the action moving.

If you are a fan of Dodson’s Colton Parker series, you’ll find a whole new reason for appreciating his style in White Soul.

Highly recommended.

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