Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Convenient, isn't it?

Have you ever enjoyed a mystery or suspense novel for the most part, but in the end were a bit ticked off because the author never explained how the main character got the big idea as to how to solve the case?

After reading several glowing comments for a particular author, I decided I'd head to the library and see what all the fuss was about. They didn't have the first book in his series, so I had to start with the second.

I enjoyed his style, the story and characters were interesting, but there were two issues that left me unsatisfied when I finished. I even went back to re-read and make sure I hadn't missed something.

The first didn't impact the plot in the least, it just took me out of the story for a bit. I suspect something else had been changed at one point and the single little statement that remained was more of an editorial issue.

But the second? What in the world gave the protagonist the idea to head back to this group of cabins and their occupants? He'd already been there. Am I that stupid?

I'm willing to give this guy one more chance, and would be more than happy to write off the convenient plotting to this just being his second book—and an editor who wasn't paying attention.

Have you ever quit reading an otherwise good author because they were lazy?

It's all better with friends.

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  1. YES! I hear you, Peg.

    And just because everyone raves about a book or an author, doesn't necessarily mean that you have to like it or the style.

    I think you are generous with your time to give him a second chance, but I usually just move on because there are sooooo many books begging for my attention that I don't have that kind of time.