Thursday, October 16, 2008


Suspense novelist Darrell Brooke has spent most of his life living for his career at the expense of his family. Now he’s alone and bitter following an auto accident that left him unable to concentrate enough to write. The King of Suspense is losing his throne and the only way he can get it back is to plot a new best-selling novel.

Kaitlan Sering once idolized her grandfather, the famous Darrell Brooke, but when she found herself needing money for a drug habit, she stole from him, severing whatever relationship they had. Kaitlan hit bottom, but worked hard to clean herself up and build a new life—holding a distant hope of reconciliation.

There have been two women murdered in town, and Kaitlan is about to come face to face with the third. Even more horrible, she realizes her boyfriend, the son of the police chief, is behind them.

Desperate, she turns to the only person she believes can help her. Surely the King of Suspense, above all others, will be able to devise a trap for the murderer and save the life of his granddaughter.

The question remains, however, will the old man be able to come out of his fog long enough to focus and plan? And if he does, will his motivation be to help her, or will it be to find that plot he so desperately needs?

Brandilyn Collins has written a tight, fast reading novel in dark pursuit. It will tear you away from the rest of your life until you finish the last satisfying word.

The characters are well drawn and the plot shoots a current of electric suspense with every turn of the page.

Highly recommended.

CR: Salvation in Death by J.D. Robb

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