Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weirdness Loves Company

On one hand, I'm a dismal failure at Nanowrimo. I try and console myself with the fact that it's my first time making this effort, and I broke one of the rules from the very beginning. . . . I didn't start from scratch, but rather from a piece of writing that already meant something to me. I was invested. My fantasy of freewheeling wordplay was riddled with fallacy.

On the other hand, I am putting more words down on a daily basis than I have for a long time, and that feels good. This is the hand I try to keep in front of me when I'm frustrated . . . by me.

Writing is a solitary thing—something I both seek out and rebel against.

That's kind of weird, but it's not The Weird Thing. Ready?

I imagine that as I sit here stringing words together in an effort to decorate the pages with the pictures in my head, I'm clacking away at my keyboard at the same time as Stephen King and Dean Koontz and Michael Connelly and Elizabeth George are clacking away at theirs. What amazing company I'm part of!

CR: Field of Blood by Eric Wilson. I just started this book, but look for the review here when I'm finished.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Hey, Peg,

    I like that thought about writing at the same time as all those famous authors. What a neat realization!

    I'm having fun this time with NaNo, and while I, too, started with a dusty manuscript, things are changing from the original and it's going well.

    Good to have you as a NaNo Buddy, too.


    The other Peg

  2. You are having one hot nanowrimo, girlfriend. Absolutely sailing!

    I'm very proud of you . . . gives me a little added incentive. (In a very non-competitive way, of course. Ahem.)

    Cheers to you!

  3. Ah, I can see it now:
    Peg and Peg sprinting toward the finish line, neck 'n neck.

    Let's join hands and cross that line together, Weirdness conjoined! LOL

  4. I love it! But don't wait for me . . . I'm only nudging 8,000.

    It's been fun to see all your crazy questions on the ACFW loop. There's no way in the world I could figure out where you're going with your story based on the details you're researching.

    Unless you're not really researching and have simply crumbled into a blathering heap of nonsense. LOL.

    Keep clacking away. You, me and Dean Koontz. {sigh}

  5. Well, check my blog tomorrow to read about what I'm up against. :)


  6. You're reading my book? How cool. Thanks for giving it a shot. I wrote it as a mix of The Historian and The Screwtape Letters, so let's hope I accomplished that goal at even some level.

    Happy trails. And best of luck with your own writing!

  7. Eric, very nice of you to drop by.

    I'm enjoying your book. Creative and stimulating. Quite cool.

    I'm a slow reader . . . just starting the second part . . . but look for a review here when I'm finished.