Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Review: EXPOSURE by Brandilyn Collins

Kaycee Raye "writes what she knows" in a syndicated newspaper column about fear. But lately, her fears have become issues. Issues impacting both her friendships and her personal reputation in the small town. The paranoia her mother passed on to her is nothing compared with the escalating images confronting Kaycee now.

Add another fear—that maybe she’s going over the edge.

She puts her growing panic on hold when someone she cares for very much is in danger. But the threats against Kaycee, real or imagined, intensify. Could what’s happening to her be connected to the other event?

Brandilyn Collins brings a taut psychological suspense to readers in Exposure. She’s a master at weaving plausibility and incredulity into a fast-paced, action packed page turner complete with inspired twists.

While other authors rely on contrivances to facilitate a story, Collins adeptly employs skill and imagination to create surprise and “Aha!” moments. She plays fair with her readers and her timing is impeccable.

Exposure belongs on your nightstand. But it won’t be there long.

Highly recommended.

(Also available as a Kindle download!)

CR: Black Water Rising by Attica Locke

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  1. Man, you had to go and add another book to my list. I'm never going to get all these books read. I have kids, you know!

  2. I like your review, and I loved the book. Brandilyn certainly kept me turning the pages.