Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kelly Irvin's Television Interview

My good friend and and critique partner, Kelly Irvin, was recently interviewed on Fox 29 in San Antonio. You will see how amazing and together she is in this segment.

Here's how it came about:

Kelly's husband had worked at the station for more than ten years. Although he's been working somewhere else for the last two years, those connections were obviously not lost. He pitched the idea to the morning producer, and provided a press packet along with an ARC.

The intrigue (and you'll see it in the video) was how could a "Christian" novel possibly deal with murder?

It wasn't their normal choice for a segment because it wasn't visual. Even Kelly's striking good looks didn't sway them. (I think Kelly should've offered the trailer for a visual, don't you?)

Between the connections, the intriguing hook, the fact that Ms. Kelly is articulate in addition to being good looking, and a free book giveaway, the deal was struck. And who knows . . . the strong evangelical demographic in South Texas may have played a part.

If you can't have Kelly's husband (and you can't, I've already asked), you can figure out what sort of intriguing hook your novel might have to catch a producer's eye. What might surprise people?

Kelly's novel, A Deadly Wilderness, is now available. I'm bummed because I still don't have my copy. Must call the Indy I ordered it through and follow up.

CR: Heat Lightning by John Sandford. So far, it's not my favorite.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Kelley did a great job! I was greatly impressed and her cool calm demeanor and she handled the q and a perfectly. Curiously enough, she is going to be in my next novel too as she won a contest that places her smack dab in the middle of my PlagueShip Titanic which is being created now.

  2. I'm so proud of her. All of that PR training is really paying off. Her book is on its third printing! I've got my local Indy scurrying to locate my copy.

    I'm right there reading about your writing journey of Titanic proportions (sorry, couldn't help myself). For anyone interested, click on the link for Rob Walker, then scroll down to his blogs. Dirty Deeds is the one you want.