Friday, May 21, 2010

Stages of a Writer and Her Manuscript

I am PUMPED about my new plot. It is the coolest thing with so many caveats and depth-elements and possibilities. Okay, yeah. We're just dating. But still.

This plot is so HOT!

I've played with the story ideas today. My harshest critiquer (who also happens to be the LoML) nodded his head in appreciation when I read it to him. I know it's full of holes and GMC issues (Goal/Motivation/Conflict) but it has passed its first hurdle. If my incredibly insightful Life Partner/Husband can see the possibility . . . well. . . hello? Can one hope for anything more?

This plot and I will be getting married very soon. I can feel it. Come on, you know what I'm talking about. It's more than just heat. There's substance there. A future. A promise. There's little doubt I'll say, "Yes!"

We'll get hitched and before long, the real world will blast into our lives. Did you think about This? This is going to cause a problem. And That responsibility lurking over in the corner is going to bore into your world with the intent of killing your entire fairy tale. Or suspense novel. Whatever.

Boy (I will think), did I make a wrong choice.

It won't be very long before intervention is called for. Serious intervention. Word Shrinks (a/k/a critique partners) who don't hold back. Who will tell me that if I want this relationship to survive, I need to do a, b, and c. If necessary, they will threaten to take away my Twitter account. Block me from email. Make sure I know that unless I get back on track, my fairy-tale romantic suspense novel is going to bite the dust. And, they will smirk gleefully, they will stuff that dust down my throat. My cps do not take hostages. (Shhh . . . between you and me, I love them for that.)

I begin to believe that filing for divorce is my only option for a satisfying future. I'm pretty disgusted with the whole turn of events. The relationship is boring, predictable. The heat is gone. Everything is in such a muddle that nothing can be resurrected. And there is simply no way I can go a day without email.

The story I'd begun with a loving spirit, totally psyched about and seeing only potential in, has disintegrated and become something obscene. I'm staring Irreconcilable Differences in the face. And I'm ready to kick this entire venture to the curb. What was I thinking?

I know that day will come. But for today?

Well . . . he paid for dinner and gave me a good-night kiss. He promised me he'd call me tomorrow.

And I believe him.

So this time, with this relationship, I will take preemptive action.

And continue to believe.

CR: Heartsick by Chelsea Cain on my Kindle.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Sounds like a fun date. Or a soap opera.I'll have fun watching this romance come to fruition.

  2. As someone who has been down this road numerous times, I say slip that ring on and head out for the honeymoon. It will be so worth it when you type the last of those 85,000 or 90,000 words and say The End. As one of your CPs I look forward to threatening you. Get busy while he's still hot!

  3. Boy do you have this right! But for today I remain single!

  4. I can relate to every word, Peg. The honeymoon of a first run through when you believe every single thing will work perfectly and there will never be so much as a spat/question raised. Now you know what I mean about a PFD!!

    Enjoy Christmas morning. When the sun comes up the next day, and you see the fallen tinsel, and the dishes that are still dirty from last night--way mixing metaphors here--know that you will clean it all up, because you are someone in it for the long haul, warts and all. And one day, you'll be writing a PFD...again.

  5. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. :)

  6. After my editing workshop (a post is coming) I knew there were a couple of things I wanted to address. My freakishness over the whole thing tempted me to pull out all the stops and re-edit the whole thing yet again.

    But there are two things I know: 1) Whatever changes I make, should this one make it into an acquisition editor's hands and then some, I will be making more. They will all be changes for the better, but I'll be making them with a team; and 2) There comes a time when It's Time. The manuscript will either work or it won't.

    So I took care of a couple of specific items on the two pages a for-real acquisitions editor looked at (who also said I had some nice writing), and have determined (at least for now) to continue with my plans for a final read-through in a few days, and then put the word out that I have a cow for sale.

    In the meantime, I've been listening to a siren song from the new project. I learned so many things on the last one (the last 3 1/2, actually) that I'm feeling inspired and ready to move on.

    Glad the romance of a new project resonated with you.