Saturday, October 2, 2010

Writer's Police Academy: Jail Search

As a volunteer (patsy) for the jail search portion, I was moving lickity split to uncover contraband with my partner, Pat Brown. (Doesn't it look like my hair is flowing? That's totally the talent of my cp/roommate/photog Kelly Irvin. Trust me. With the humidity of North Carolina, nothing much really 'flows'.)

If, during a search, a prisoner is found to have a stockpile of issued items (ie: toilet paper), he or she has opened a store. The question is, what is the currency?

And here's a visual for you:

Prisoner intake involves a visual strip search if the offense was violent, or if drugs were involved.

Visual strip search:

—all clothing is removed

—spread buttock's cheeks



I gather the intake personnel at the jail have been surprised more than once to see the items 'issued' from this type of search.

With the exception of a photograph tomorrow, this will end my Writer's Police Academy posts.

In addition to what I've covered here, I have notes on CSI, EMS, the reenactment of a campus shooter, a session on why people kill (that has some significant, lingering images), a ton of notes on Forensic Pathology, some significant information regarding inductive vs. deductive criminal profiling and a few bits about going undercover.

If you'd like some additional detail I may have, please feel free to email me.

CR: Breathing Water by Timothy Hallinan on my Kindle.

It's all better with friends.


  1. What a picture you painted of the search--ugly but funny too. It sounds like such a good workshop. I've heard Lee on several occasions and learned more each time. Wish I'd been there with you all.

  2. The Gwinnett County Citizens Police Academy that I took part in didn't say anything about strip searches. I think I'm just as glad to have gotten the condensed version here. Really enjoy your posts, Peg.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Ellis and Fran. I'm pretty sure I'd never want to personally witness a strip search, but I sure could write about one!