Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Your Hands Dirty

Some days, when I feel like my story is muddled, the best thing I can do is take a break and hop on the treadmill where I can think without looking at a computer screen.

Some days, when I feel like my story is muddled, the best thing I can do is dive right in, put some words down and hope they lead to something productive. I need to stick my hands into the mud and clay and see what shape emerges.

Today, I think I'll tread first then stick my hands into the clay. It's a seriously muddled kind of day.

What about you? Do you ever feel like you're flailing about?

CR: Absinthe of Malice by Pat Browning.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Oh yeah. Half the time I'm absolutely positive that I have no idea what I'm doing. Okay, that's more like 99% of the time. lol... When I reach a point where I need to "think", I get up and do something physical--clean, walk, even take a shower.

  2. I think almost every writer, with almost every book, goes through the muck at some point.

    Showers are a good thing.

  3. Most of the time! I should have been a potter for all the days I spend in the muck. But I love writing. By the way, isn't that a new haircut? I like it.

  4. I'm with you on the love of writing thing. Muck or not. As for the hair, yeah, it's new. I feel so 'current', and it's surprisingly easy. Important when one spends so much time with dirty hands.

  5. It's like jumping off a cliff. You just have to hope there's a parachute...or the winds bear you up.

    I favor driving to clear my head and get the ideas perking. Somewhere pretty and traffic-less.

    I love the hair cut, too! You are a dead ringer for Susan Sarandon--do people say that?

  6. Driving. Huh. I would definitely need traffic-less. When I slam on the brakes because of a sudden thought I would need not to be hit in the rear.

    I've been told I look like a number of people (usually depending on my hair), but the first time I was ever told I looked like Sarandon was in a 6th grade science class. Pretty uncool at the time.