Friday, May 27, 2011

The Perfect Timing of James Scott Bell—and Frustration

A lot of you know I've been struggling with the ending for my manuscript. Endings are at least as important as begininings, and I want to do this right.

I also want it to be memorable. I have a terrible time remembering endings . . . movies or books. It's critical, to me, to write one that fits this terrific story and sticks with readers who are like me.

So, the battle rages. I've squeezed out only a few hundred words a day (I haven't hit 800 a day since I can't remember when) and frustration is building.

Because I've read both his fiction and non-fiction, seen him at writer conferences, kept him in my "Must Read" tweet column on Tweetdeck and occaisionally pop into Kill Zone, I feel like Jim Bell and I have been friends for years. And this morning, he did what any good friend would do.

He kicked me in the butt.

NOTE: Through the Memorial Day Weekend, my published partners at Crime Fiction Collective are donating their profits to a family in Joplin, Missouri who lost everything. One of my other partners is splitting hers, to include victims of the same rash of tornadoes in Minnesota. And, another author has joined us, offering his profits as well. Please, please, please . . . if you're looking for a good read, consider buying either a download or a paper book. To learn more about the books, and the family, see Crime Fiction Collective.

CR: Alone by Lisa Gardner.

It's all better with friends.


  1. What a great video clip, Peg. I love it. Good advice. And it's nice to know even the well established writers struggle sometimes.

  2. It's wonderful when these things appear at just the right time.