Sunday, July 31, 2011

Writing a Novel by James Andrew Wilson

I admit, I wanted to see how he depicted the next stage—letting it go. Actually letting others see the creation.

I'm in EDITING. You'll know when you see this video that I hope and pray there is something beyond the editing stage.

Or . . . am I in a Stephen King novel, perpetually stuck in the middle of the forest with nowhere to turn?

Please, no.


  1. Wow. I saw this video some time ago and could relate to the first few stages well enough. My manuscript deadline is TODAY! And I barely survived the final stage: Editing. Boy howdy, can I relate to that! LOL

    My first book goes to the publisher in just a few hours. Prayers appreciated.

    Hugs from the "other" Peg :)

  2. MAJOR congratulations, Ms. Phifer!

    A very exciting day around your house. Celebrate!