Friday, December 9, 2011

An Invitation

Today is "my" day at Crime Fiction Collective. I'm talking about keeping track of all of those details, especially those details crime writers have to deal with.

Actually, I'm asking for help.

Got any?

CR: Incinerator by Tim Hallinan

It's all better with friends.


  1. Keeping up with the latest version of whatever books I'm working on is a problem. I try to include the date in the file name if I make changes, but I don't always remember. Since I go back and forth, I sometimes find I'm working with the wrong copy. Do you have that problem?

  2. I admit that I'm the worst at keeping old versions. I've never quite understood why people keep the things they've improved on or deleted because the words were terrible.

    Until recently.

    I was trying to remember a character or a scene I'd written who-knows-when. It would've made the current job much easier. I couldn't find it anywhere but in the recesses of my mind.

    The best thing I've ever heard, if you write and save in Word, is that date thing. You might need to put a sticky in a prominent place. And change the color every now and then when you stop noticing it. Or stick it on your nose.

    Happy Holidays, Ellis!