Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Left Coast Crime

I'm getting ready to leave for Left Coast Crime Wednesday morning.

A few years ago, March of 2011, at my first LCC, I didn't have a book out. I didn't have any chops. That's where I got to know and feel the support from other writers, an editor, and a librarian. We came together and formed a blog called Crime Fiction Collective.

That conference changed my life.

And why did I go in the first place? LJ Sellers emailed me to see if I might be interested in being her roommate. Hello? Are you kidding me? I hadn't regsitered but that one email spurred me to action.

I now have three books available and those books have been well received. As of this afternoon my fourth book has been sent to my editor. It's possible I might have arrived here another way, but the fact remains I'm here because of LCC and one woman.

Through Left Coast Crime I've been encouraged to step out in faith. I've found other writers who give me a sounding board because we're in it together, and I've found readers who I've loved being able to connect with. All of you have become my friends. It's worth going to the conference every year just to see you again.

If you're in Portland, look me up. I'd love to meet you.

It's all better with friends.