Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Wisdom for Writers and Those Who Love Them

"Acting is essentially doing a great deal of preparation and then hoping that an accident happens." —Laurence Olivier

The same can be said about writing fiction.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Love this! Still enjoying these quotes very much. How are things?

    1. I'm glad you enjoy these. Thank you for letting me know.

      As for me, I'm working on making FLAME GAME a good read. And chasing squirrels around with a water pistol that shoots peppery liquid. Oh... and Jazzercise. And peaches. And our granddaughter is visiting before heading back to school. Son and his friend will be here in about a week.

      Way more info than I'm sure you wanted.

    2. Sounds like busy and happy to me! I'm still in recovery mode and restricted activity for another week, but feeling good enough to be getting bored. Doing lots of reading and trying not to fall too far into retail therapy online.

    3. So glad to hear you're doing well! And using your down-time wisely. Mostly. xoxo