Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Beginnings

I love this time of year. The process of change is more exciting than the results of change. Seasons slipping from one into another and I'm right there to experience it all.


Right now, nights are cool, almost cold, and mornings are crisp. The sky has taken on a different quality of blue and the light has shifted to an almost magical luminescence. Fall is in the air in Colorado. We'll begin getting teased into autumn and winter very soon.

Sure, I have a little nostalgia for summer. I remember those long, languid days of summer vacation as a kid. Fresh green grass and twilight hours that stretched on and on. Playing outdoors until I heard my dad's whistle—he made his sound different so there could be no excuses.

Then there are my memories of starting school. Fresh. A whole new slate in front of me. New clothes. New shoes. New attitude. I loved the first day of school.

New Year's Day is nice, but there are those pesky goals to feel guilty about.

My preference is the first day of school. And oh yeah, my favorite day of the week is Monday.

Fresh starts. New beginnings. Clear, uncluttered goals.

Now is also a good time for me to dust off those goals I set for the year. Revamp and revise so I can end up strong and confident.

Starting fresh. I love it.

What I'm reading: Kill Me by Stephen White.

What I'm working on: GMC and Breakout and some brand new scenes in my oft-rewritten manuscript.

It's all better with friends.

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