Monday, February 23, 2009

Where, oh Where to Begin?

The hours and frustrations, triumphs and blood-letting that writers put into their work set us apart from people who have chosen different career paths. It's hardly surprising that once we have written and edited and tweaked and polished and cut from and added to, we're emotionally connected to what we've created. 

Because I'm right there on those pages, I double-checked and triple-checked my position regarding where the book I'm reading really should have begun. Tim Downs is a multi-published author, who I've reviewed on this blog. The book I'm reading now, First Come the Dead, gives us an interesting look at post-Katrina New Orleans, and I'm enjoying the reading experience. Now. Unless something happens later in the book, it should have begun not with Chapter 1. Not with Chapter 2. Not even with Chapter 4. It should have begun with Chapter 6.

It might be necessary for bits and pieces of the first five chapters to appear later, but I'm not talking backstory as much as I'm talking no story. 

As I said, I'm enjoying the ride. Even though I feel like I waited in line at the amusement park for five chapters before I finally got on. I'm hoping I can come back in a later post and say I was wrong. But so far? Not so much.

Maybe I'm being hypersensitive. Ya think?

You know what I'm reading.

It's all better with friends.

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