Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding My Rhythm

I'm having a difficult time finding my rhythm. Holidays, my birthday, service people in my home, silly bits that need researching, various levels of anxiety . . .

None of which are very professional. None of which count for a hill of beans as far as excuses go.

I'm so, so, so close to putting the final touches on this last-before-last final draft. I have the next idea kicking and ready to get started. It's not fear of letting go. Whatever It is doesn't matter.

There is no good reason for this enormous wall that has mysteriously been erected in front of me.

My rhythm is on stall.

So tomorrow I will begin with a single note. A single beat in 4/4 time because that's the easiest. I will allow myself to fumble and stumble and be off-key.

I'll focus on the process of creation and pan the creation of the process.

CR: The Linda Fairstein. Hoping the last bit will match the first and redeem the middle.

It's all better with friends.

1 comment:

  1. is it being so close to last before last, perhaps? that can generate some anxiety for sure. a writer friend of mine (with a great, rags to riches, self-published to big auction for her first novel) advocates the BIC method...Butt in Chair. I have no doubt you can do this, Peg. None at all.

    You already have readers waiting, after all!