Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting in the Game

There's a stretch on busy Parker Road where people wait—and wait—to try to get into traffic from parking lots. Maybe they're waiting for some kind of miracle causing three lanes of drivers to come to a complete halt for them to carefully pull out and move to the farthest lane to make their turn. In the meantime, cars file past them as they sit. And sit.

Every time I happen to be there when this happens, I think, "You've got to get in the game to take your turn."

They might not be able to get to the farthest lane fast enough for their personal agenda to work, but they sure as heck weren't going anywhere sitting on the sidelines.

I've added a tenth goal to my 2010 list. To get ten rejections.

That means I'll be in the game.

CR: Lethal Legacy by Linda Fairstein.

It's all better with friends.


  1. I hope I'm that strong. I haven't been able to say that yet. I'm still learning to say the positive goals.

    Of course, I only dared to dream I was a writer in... June or July of last year? I'm a baby. Finishing work and learning to polish it according to guidelines ~ that is my world. I haven't even started to think along the lines of multiple rejections yet.

  2. Here's the deal (will you remind me when I need reminding?):

    Every NO is one brick on the path to a YES.

    I can't think of one writer who ever got a YES right out of the box. Until you are out there, collecting NOs, there's no way you'll get a YES. It's just the way the bricks get laid.

    We write because we're writers, but the truth is, being a writer includes the validation of publication.

    Time to grow a thicker skin. Ugh.

  3. Peg what wise words! Every rejection is a stepping stone on the way to success, if we learn as we go :-) Maybe we should start a twitter list so that we can all prod each other to send work out and commiserate if and when the rejections come in - and party when the acceptances arrive!

  4. Seems weird to say "good luck" with that, Peg, but since you're absolutely right about all this, I offer you a hearty dose of it. Everyone starts with rejections. And a writer like you will learn from every one. So that when that "yes" comes in, you will be ready for it! May it come sooner rather than later. May you get in the game and start playing! Lee, sounds like you're off to a great start, and Glenys, much luck to you, too!