Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jeffery Deaver's Writing Process

I've been trying for days, literally, to get this downloaded video on my blog. For someone who is kind of a Gadget Girl, I can be very technically challenged.

Anyway . . . I hope you enjoy it.


I'm moaning over what I thought was going to be a final read-through turning into an edit. But Jeffery Deaver's process has made me want to suck my moaning right back down my throat.

Granted, my little manuscript is a simple one, but still . . . this is amazing. Perspective, ya know?

CR: Under the Dome by Stephen King. Expect to see this one here for a while. Slow reader + thick book = epic read. Another thick one that has remained on my all time favorites list is not a mystery or a suspense. Tom Wolfe's A Man in Full is around 300 pages less then King's. I'm afraid to read it again because I'd hate not to still love it.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Did I miss the link, Peg? I'd love to see it.

    Don't worry--there *is* no final read through! My ms is with a publisher now--not even an editor, a publisher--and I bet there are still eight trillion things to be found ;)

    However, one day it will be between cloth/paper/screen or what have you and then you will edit no more (even though you may want to :)

  2. Jenny, thanks for confirming there was an issue regarding the video. And thanks for your husband's help in getting the code fixed. Sheesh. (I feel so la-ti-da talking about code as if I understood it.)

    My idea of a Final Read-Through is that it will be ready for the query stage. And honestly, I will love the day an editor gets his/her hands on it because I know it can be better. I've just given up on trying to figure out how.

    30-40? He has to be so sick of the story by then . . .

  3. I do rolling revisions, so I'm sure I reach 30-40 revisions easily. But that's on my mainstream work. I only do a few revisions on my erotica. They're simpler story lines.

  4. As many times as I've re-written/edited the early pages of this ms, I'm probably at 30-40 myself. Or 100. I just don't want to think about it.

  5. Excellent topic, Peg! I use Story Magic (thanks again to Robin Perini and Laura Baker and my MagicMaker CPs), so I think that early brain damage really helps, and probably counts for re-writes at the very basic stage. I also revise as I receive feedback, chapter by chapter, from my CPs, so that counts for sessions, too. Still, counting everything, I probably don't exceed a dozen. Hm. Jefferey's more successful than me so I should listen to him, LOL Thanks for sharing.