Friday, March 5, 2010

OT - For B

I clicked open an email this morning from someone who has become a dear friend. She told me she was on her way to see her child. In the hospital.

My planned post will wait for another day. This one is for "B."

You and I, we’ve never met. And today you almost made sure we never would.

Darkness and Despair can become the controlling forces in our lives. They can make us see only them. Feel only them. Hear and taste, only them.

Part of us wants it to end. Another part of us wants to make a statement. Let someone know how we feel. Maybe by making this one big, final statement, everyone will understand.

You and I, we’ve never met. But I know you’re beautiful. I know you’re smart and compassionate and have fabulous things to offer the world. I know you’re strong. Stronger even than you think.

The woman who ran to you? The woman whose eyes can express her soul and are now red-rimmed and fearful?

You are everything to her.

If she could take away your pain, she would add it to hers and be happy to find herself doubled-over with the weight.

You and I, we’ve never met. But I’m looking forward to the day when we do.


  1. That is a beautiful expression, Peg, and please let this dear friend of yours know my thoughts and healing wishes are with her and hers...