Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Technology People are also Book People

A lot of things are changing in publishing, and they're changing fast. I don't believe this is the death of the paper book, but I do believe books will be read electronically at previously unimagined levels. As the medium is tweaked and improved and made more and more user friendly, e-books will find even bigger audiences.

Sisters In Crime, an organization I highly encourage you to join if you haven't already, is on a "summit" trip this week, and the video clip below talks a little bit about their visit to Google and Apple in California. The president of SinC, Marcia Talley, gave me permission to post this video. I hope you find it heartening.

CR: I'm still reading the book I'm not entirely sure about, looking for the story.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Thanks. I've posted your URL to our local Sisters In Crime (San Diego).

  2. Hi Peg. I've been a slow adapter, primarily due to back pocket broken sunglasses and electronics syndrome, but I am really growing to like being able to travel anywhere with dozens --- or hundreds --- of books available in an instant.


  3. I've loved my Kindle since before I even bought it. But I haven't stopped buying paper books, and never will. Of course, I'm now lusting after the iPad . . . and more bookcases.