Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life Happens

I love my life. I love my husband. Our home. The independence we afford one another, and the joy we share when we spend time together. I like the occasional respite when we go to a movie or take a drive. These happen infrequently and are spurty. They don't last for ever. I can usually adapt.

I'm also a dog. I love routine. Granted, there are different kinds of routine . . . At Home Routine, On the Road Routine . . . but routine nonetheless. Dog owners, have you ever tried to do just one little thing different? Repositioning a favorite ottoman is akin to packing everything up in boxes and putting booby-traps everywhere.

"Plumber? We need a plumber? A stranger in our home? Right by my desk?" My heart speed revved up and it became hard to breathe.

And then it got worse.

Not only did I watch in horror as Christmas tree stands, power washers, and what? . . . encyclopedias? . . . a trash can, and a wet vac made their way into 'my' space—I helped commit the crime. A green metal rolling thing with items on it that have no meaning for me also crawled out of the equipment room.

And now they sit. Making me thoroughly appreciate doors that keep these things out of my mind, even though they were always there. I can only hope that when this plumbing event is over, and these things go back into the dark places of storage, I'll be able to forget they exist. They're all feeling a little Stephen King-y to me at the moment.

It's time for me to rise about this upheaval and be brave. Professional. Able to go on. Write. Edit. Do what I need to do.

I feel brave and my chin lifts . . . and then I remember Japan. And Haiti. Australia and the Carolinas. . . .

I'm good.


CR: Where's Billie? by Judith Yates Borger, and Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo, Sonja Burpo, Colton Burpo and Lynn Vincent, and couldn't be more pleased with both.

It's all better with friends.


  1. I feel ya, Peg. On both the upheaval and the gratitude. Sometimes upheaval reminds us to be grateful. And sometimes we have to remind ourselves that upheaval is relative, and if we're lucky enough to be used to not much--then even a shifted ottoman can sting.

    Take it back to your writing, I guess. That's where all this stuff ultimately goes anyway, right?

  2. All I can say is, thank goodness I can use it somewhere.

  3. Thank you, I really needed that today. We found out they are "fracking" (hydrolic refracturing) in our back yard. Happy day!
    I read your post about Japan, and etc. and feel their helplessness.

    God bless you for your smart blog.
    Joan Noble

  4. Thanks, Joan. Good luck with that fracking problem. Colorado is number 2, right after Texas.

  5. Nice, Peg. I sympathize. It takes me awhile to adapt to changes. My dogs are suspicious of change too. But then I look around and see how really fortunate I am and what a good life I have. Japan, Haiti, the Carolinas (I live in SC)--I can't imagine how those people are handling it. And Joan, fracking is really scary but I understand they're getting better at it. Be safe!

  6. We have very little reason to complain. Monday plumbers will be digging up the pipes in front of our house. But . . . we have a house.