Thursday, August 25, 2011

Human Remains Detection Dogs

A lot of you know one of my primary manuscripts—that I'm working to finalize—involves an HRD dog. The video I'm sharing is a little long, but consider the implications while you watch it. It's training, but in real life it could mean the difference between closure for a family, evidence for a conviction and assurance that we will always take care of our own and ultimately track down the bad guys.

To me, this profiles man's ability to recognize his limitations, and work with another species to overcome said limitations. Together.

Search and Rescue dogs, Human Remans Detection dogs are heroes. Partly because that's what they do, and partly because that's what we've asked them to do. It's one of the best partnerships in the world, in my opinion.

Here's a basic description for this video:

Uneditted. Dog working Independently.
Cloudy. Winds variable 8-13mph WNW swirling. Blood and Tissue scent transfer to gauze pad covered by grass. 30 minute rise time. general location known by handler. A little bustin' treadmill action at the end.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Peg, I was in an airport when a tracking dog conference ended. A number of police and rescue workers came in with their dogs (who had their own seats on the plane). I got to talk with them and pet a few bloodhounds. The dog handlers were so nice about answering our questions and explaining what the dogs did. Please hurry and finish your book so I can read it!

  2. Great post, Peg! I totally agree that these dogs are heroes. I posted pics on FB not long ago of the search and rescue dogs who worked at Ground Zero. Choked me up.

  3. Oh Ellis, I'm green with jealousy. What a wonderful experience! Did you get some numbers for follow-up questions? You should see the notes I took at the police academy class regarding their canine unit. Zowsters.

    It seems like dogs play some kind of role in every book I've written. I'm excited about this particular story and hope you'll enjoy it—when it's finally released.

    Nissie. Ground Zero. OMG. And those dogs were surely exposed to far more contamenants than their humans.