Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Research Gets Uncomfortable

I've just spent most of the afternoon researching really ugly things. Horrible things. The occult and various religions. Human sacrifices to protect a drug cartel. Innuendo regarding musicians and Hollywood celebrities.

Things I've read about in novels and seen in movies. Fiction.

But there's something about a website that looks just like any other website that made everything real to me. I didn't dwell in these places, but I understand that others must. And they aren't reading a bit of fiction, or watching a movie for a good scare. They're not even writers who are trying to get a few things right. People like me who pop in and pop out and thank God for their lives, and that they are writing fiction.

A lot of the people visiting these websites are not anyone I ever want to meet.

But I might have to write about them.

CR: Snake Skin by CJ Lyons.

It's all better with friends.


  1. There is the world we see and the many worlds we don't. They are hidden and require effort on our part to find them. Sometimes we are rewarded with a beautiful place that changes a part of us forever. More often than not there is a reason they are hidden. To call them sub-cultures is wrong because their behaviors and actions challenge the very notion of culture. Some must visit these places from time to time to remind ourselves of our values and hopes for the world. Visitng such places will take a part of you away, it can not be helped. The trick is to find a special place you can return to and rejuvinate.