Monday, June 25, 2012

Reading Styles

I've learned something about how I enjoy reading.

For non-fiction, a chapter at a time is fine. Even a paragraph at a time can be susbstantial. It's never difficult to pick back up and read another little bit. No big deal. I can even read multiple non-fiction books at once and not get confused.

But when—generally due to time constraints—I try to read a novel a chapter at time, I lose the flow and the flavor and those fine shimmery elements that make fiction fabulous.

I gifted myself a day of reading yesterday. Of course, it wasn't all day. There were meals to cook and chores to do, but mostly I read. And I read half of Alastair Burke's Long Gone. This book, without a doubt, would have been very difficult to read in tiny chapter spurts because she's got several plot threads going at once.

So, my new plan is to read novels in chunks rather than chapters. For me it works better that way.

And, it's all better with friends.


  1. I bought James Scott Bell's new book, Self-Publishing Attack! and read it in one sitting. By the time I finished, I was so hyper I could hardly sit still. He's quite the encourager with a great message. I like reading for long periods of time but I find with a really good book, I'll slow down toward the end and savor it. :)

  2. That sounds wild to me… to read a non-fiction in one sitting. Kudos to Mr. Bell!

    I'm a fairly slow reader, but will sometimes tend to race through the end of a book and then regret not taking more time.

  3. First time visitor to your site and I love what I see. When I read, I get so engrossed that usually I don't even know or care when I get past one chapter to another. Honestly, I think a chapter makes a lot of sense to the writer but I wonder how much importance readers attach to them.