Friday, March 7, 2014

DNF Discussion

Today my post at Crime Fiction Collective is about those books we Do Not Finish. I'd like to know why you put a book down or if you're like my husband and insist that once you make a commitment by reading the first page, you read through to the last. Stop by and join the conversation.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Usually I stop reading a book because the author has made the story too stupid to be believed, even as a fantasy. For example, in one book the chief of police (no less) pursued a murderer when the suspect lost control and hit a tree. The chief checked him out and pronounced him dead, so he did not follow procedure and handcuff him(no problem here yet), but when the chief returned to the wrecked vehicle after calling for back-up, the suspect was gone. Now this same police chief did this same routine with the same suspect three more times in the same story! Just too stupid to be believed.

  2. I don't blame you for not reading more in that one. I'm pretty sure I'd be confused by the whole thing.