Monday, April 7, 2014

Colorado Authors' League 2014 Award Finalists

Three Top Award Finalists Named in CAL 2014 Award Categories

1.   Book Adult Fiction Mainstream  

Blood Feather by Don Bendell
Ursula’s Yahrtzeit Candle by Steven R. Berger
Not to be Forgiven by Nancy Mayborn Peterson

2.  Book Adult Fiction Genre

The Sacrifice by Peg Brantley
Double Dare by Michael Madigan
Rope Burn by Bruce W. Most

3.  Book Young Adult

Worthy of Trust and Confidence by Donald Brewer
North Mystic by M.J. Evans
Backwards by Todd Mitchell

4.  Book Children

Steppingstones to the Sun by Nawashani, illustrated by Pat Wiles.
The First Rainbow by Phyllis J. Perry, illustrated by Jeff West.
Bandit, The Chihuahua by Pat Postek, illustrated by Brad Davies.

5.  Short fiction: Adult/Children

The Widow of Loreto” by Page Lambert
The Well” by Claudia Cangilla McAdam.
“Footprints in Water” by Twist Phelan.

6.  Book Adult General Non-fiction

Author YOU by Dr. Judith Briles
Natural Childbirth Exercises by Rhondda Evans Hartman
Tasting Colorado by Michele Morris

7.  Book Adult Creative Non-fiction

The Boys from the Bushes by Lou Dean
I Promise Not to Suffer by Gail D. Storey
Sea Monsters by Joseph Nigg

8.  Feature articles/Essay      

The Hotel Jerome” by Kimberly Field.
“A Final Farewell” by Kara L. Stewart.
Alive and Aloft in the Aeolian Zone” by Gary Raham

9.  Poetry 

      We Leave the Safety of the Sea by Art Elser
      Schrodinger’s Cat by Dan Guenther 
      Marked Men by Joseph Hutchison

10.  Blogs

      Choose Happiness. Love all Life by Susan J. Tweit
      Culinary Colorado by Claire Walter.
      Traveling Trees and More by Sandy Whelchel

Join us to celebrate these winners and our first ever Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipient Poet Lois Beebe Hayna. Also, the Tattered Cover’s Joyce Meskis is
also being honored with the CAL Author Advocate Award. 

I want thank Jerrie Hurd ,VP  Membership  and Kim Field, Publicity Chair for
help in coordinating contest information. Also, heartfelt thanks to the South
West Writers for their energy and care in judging the 2014 contest.

Barb Lundy

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