Friday, May 16, 2014

Research: Accelerant Detection Dogs

The story I'm working on now features an accelerant detection dog named Kaji.

Research is critical to crafting a believable story, and You Tube is one of the best places to find research that will provide some flavor, not just facts. Often, flavor is far better than information to keep the story moving forward at a good pace and not getting bogged down in what feels like a lesson.

While I do a lot of research, preliminarily and while I'm writing, it can get in the way of actually finishing the manuscript. At some point, I have to pull my nose out of Google or You Tube or a reference book and write.

When I'm done with the first round of edits (the ones I do on my own), I'll ask one or two professionals to check out particular scenes for authenticity. In the case of this manuscript I'll ask a firefighter and a handler for input.

It's all better with friends.

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