Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Book Review: FIELD OF BLOOD by Eric Wilson

Gina Lazarescu had a difficult childhood in Romania. A childhood that left her with more than scars on her body, but on her soul as well.

On her twelfth birthday, a mark appeared on her forehead. A mark not everyone could see, but one that labeled her as special—part of the Nistarim: a select group who walk the earth, immortal, protecting mankind. A mark that also made her a target.

A group of undead, known as Collectors, who feed on human blood while infecting souls, are motivated to eliminate all who have the mark. It’s an ancient battle between good and evil.

Wilson imbues Field of Blood with rich symbolism and creative, skilled storytelling that winds through both biblical and archaeological history. Although there were sections I skimmed because they seemed repetitious, the story of Gina and her destiny kept me turning the pages.

This is book one in The Jerusalem’s Undead Trilogy, and it is not a stand-alone, so don’t expect any kind of wrap-up at the end. Instead, start planning for the next installment.

I know I am.

(Special Note: This title is also available as a fast download to your Kindle.

CR: Fractured by Karin Slaughter

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