Monday, December 8, 2008

Books as Gifts

Have you bought some books for gifts this year? Please say you have!

I'm the Book Giving Grandma in our family, and I'm thrilled when the Wish Lists I get are titles and not brands. I've wrapped, in one form or another, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (gotta support the local authors, plus it sounds like it might be good), The Snowball (a Warren Buffett biography for my brother-in-law), two Stephanie Meyers books for a granddaughter (actually three, but that was a mistake), several Delta Sigma Theta books for another granddaughter, a couple more non-fiction business oriented books for my brother-in-law, another "legal" book by Jerry Spence for the DST granddaughter, two signed (and personalized) Robert Liparulo books for the Stephanie Meyers reader, The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing for a new family addition, and Lost Futures (out of print so I got it used from Powell's) for his sister who has an interest in child advocacy. Plus I've managed to sneak in a book or two on craft for me.

I hope there are books on your Christmas giving list. And if you're like me, one or two just for yourself.

CR: Making a choice tonight. I'm thinking about trying out my first Robert Crais.

It's all better with friends.

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