Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the . . . Bunch of Other Days Before Christmas

Writing is a solitary way to spend my time. For the most part, any collaboration is between the disciplined Peg and the goof-off Peg. The grown-up Peg has had to settle some nasty disputes.

So this gift is for gentleness. Feel the excitement of the trip and let the ride happen. Gentleness helps to keep eye twinkles twinkling.

It's also for companionship. If you don't belong to a writers group, find one. Find more than one if you can. For me, these groups are my little trips to the water cooler. A place to retreat to talk to others who are on the same path and willing to share.

Wrap it all up with someone who believes in me. Someone outside of me who thinks I can do this. Someone who encourages and affirms me. That's a hard job because I need it daily and the words need to be sincere.

I hope that each of us can create some writing gifts for ourselves this season. Gifts that will carry-over and not wear out.

Remember, when you drop a dream, it breaks.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.

Finished reading: Never Tell a Lie by Hallie Ephron
Starting: The Good Guy by Dean Koontz

It's all better with friends.

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  1. It's Christmas morning. Hope you and yours are having a blessed Christmas.

    Hey I really like the reference to the water cooler. Since I'm the new president of our local writers' group, I may use that line in my first meeting welcome. ;)