Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Duh-Dum, Duh-Dum, Duh-Dum

So I'm sitting here, feeling a little smug. In control. Upward and onward with my edits. Kind of liking that my more recently written scenes in my SFD weren't requiring the same kind of gagging overhaul the earlier ones did. The really hard work was done.

I saw nothing but calm seas ahead of me.

I should've known something was about to happen when I heard the theme from Jaws begin to rumble in the air around me.

Has that ever happened to you? A shark attack out of the blue?

What happened was I got a couple of critiques back from my writing partners.

Both of them were all over my character motivations and responses to danger. They were relentless. In the spirit of the season, I tried picturing them (two gorgeous blondes) as wicked hags with warts on their noses.

How could they? And especially . . . How could they be so right???

In other words, the writing wasn't so bad, but the storyline, at this particular point, stinks. Like that shark bait . . . what's it called? Chum?


I hate it when I'm thinking I don't have to think so much and then someone forces the issue.

But I showed them. Well, I'm gonna show them. I figured it out.

Now to write it.

CR: Green by Ted Dekker

It's all better with friends.


  1. Oy, those trusty readers, they always prove correct! See, Peg, you were having your own PFD moment, only yours was a Perfect Work In Progress moment :) Lucky you, at least you didn't have fall from the grace of believing you had 400 perfect pages, there was only so far to go...

  2. 400 pages stand a lot higher than a few scenes, that's for sure. It would be easier to break something from that height. That's where bounce-ability comes in.

  3. I think I may be broken, at least in places ;)

  4. You'll heal. You are woman. You are writer. You are strong.