Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kelly Irvin, Published Author

Kelly Irvin is both a good friend critique partner. Her debut "at your throat" novel will be published in January 2010 through Five Star Gale, and pre-orders are available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I imagine if you go to your favorite independent bookstore, they will be happy to accommodate pre-orders as well. I had a little problem placing my pre-order with BN, but happily placed it this morning with Tattered Cover, the amazing Indie in Denver.

Be sure and check out her trailer as well. Ms. Irvin's a new author who is covering all the bases.

Proudly Presenting

An idyllic wilderness hike turns deadly when homicide detective Ray Johnson tumbles into a ravine and lands on a corpse.

Not just any corpse, but the son of a prominent citizen that turns the case into a political hot potato.

Ray teams up with his troubled partner and their boss to solve the murder before city leaders bump them from the case and out of their jobs. And before the twin temptations of alcohol and lust can derail his colleagues.

Their determination to find the man’s killer leads them from the wealthiest enclaves in San Antonio to the city’s dark underbelly inhabited by a drug cartel and paid assassins.

At a crisis hotline center, a frantic anonymous call propels counselor Susana Martinez-Acosta smack into the center of the investigation and into Ray’s arms. Exactly where she doesn’t want to be. Following the tragic death of her husband, she’s struggled to build a safe haven for herself and her son. That new world doesn’t include hit men and persistent detectives with dangerous jobs.

As the pressure builds to solve the case, Ray finds himself with multiple missions: solve a murder . . . save a partner from career suicide and another from matrimonial destruction . . . and win a woman’s heart.

And stay alive to enjoy happily ever after.

A Deadly Wilderness is a romantic suspense novel that will take the reader along on a tumultuous journey as the consuming need for material wealth drives a deadly wedge among family members who haven’t learned when enough really is enough.

The journey ends where it began—in a deadly wilderness. Not everyone will survive the trip.

CR: Still working on the Joseph Finder.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Ooh, great premise, Kelly, and kudos to your for finding a new gem, Peg! I like the trailer, too, with its actors and live action!

    I'm curious how you found your way to Five Star, Kelly?

    Hope I get to check out that Denver indie one day, and in the meantime I'll order your book from my local store...

  2. Thanks. I made the connection through my agent, Mary Sue Seymour. She felt it was a good way to get a foot in the door and I've been really happy with the quality of their editing and the cover art. They produce library quality hardbacks and they target libraries. While the books are available on-line at and, they aren't available in regular bookstores (unless I can get them to order them via a book signing). Still, it's an exciting ride. The actual book will be out in late January.

  3. I was a little concerned whether or not TC could order a book for me from Five Star, but they were happy to do it. I just gave them the ISBN number. Which, ironically, I got from the Amazon website.

    I haven't gone back to check, but the guy I spoke with said he'd be "setting up a page" on the Tattered Cover site for Kelly's book.


  4. Peg, you are a true friend to authors. (I can't wait till you're on the receiving end of some of it!)

    In the writers series I co-host here in NJ, we are doing a panel especially for Five Star authors...Kelly, if you happen to want to fly east ;)

  5. I just had to pop in to say Kelly's writing is one of the things that wooed me over to romantic suspense in a law enforcement setting. Way to go, Kelly. :)