Monday, October 19, 2009

You Must Kill Someone

Parnell Hall has the right idea.

As usual.

Who have you killed lately? And are you courageous enough, villainous enough, crafty enough, to kill someone likable?

I'm working on it.


CR: Almost finished with the Joseph Finder. This guy is good.

It's all better with friends.


  1. I had to watch this with one eye closed since I'm very squeamish, but I think you've hit on something. :)

  2. I never kill people. Some of my characters kill people. I am just the reporter.

  3. In my last novel, I actually killed one of my main characters--bawled the entire time I wrote it. And half the people that read it get kind of mad at me until the reason sinks in. Then in my WIP, I killed off the mentor, and the first antagonist, and...I'm really not shy about killing characters. :P Does that make me bad?

  4. Jess and Sharon, you guys are funny! A reporter, eh? Arms length, and all that?

    And Ralene, you're doing it exactly right. Maybe too right. Kinda glad you live a state or two over from me.

    I've never killed a main character. Plenty of others though.

    I can't ever see myself offing an animal. Nope. I would hate that book.

  5. Good point, Sharon.

    And, Peg, I only live a state over. Less than a days drive really. Muahaha...

  6. I found a note to myself reminding me to kill one of my friends. Fortunately, it turned out to be a character named after a friend. I was a little worried for my state of mind when I first read it. And then I killed that character. :)