Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Book Review: GREEN by Ted Dekker

Green is the fourth book, or the first, depending on how you look at Ted Dekker's Circle series. Actually, it says "Book Zero" on the jacket, but since I'd already read Black, Red, and White, to me it's the fourth.

Confused? Don't be. Because of the way they're written, you can start with either Green or Black and be right on target. They do indeed, form an intriguing circle. My preference however, is just the order I read them. B-R-W and ending with Green.

The science fiction/fantasy/allegory series revolves (pun intended) around a man by the name of Thomas Hunter who finds himself living in two worlds. One in present time, and one more than two thousand years in the future. Both worlds are in serious jeopardy of collapsing.

I read the first three novels immediately upon their back-to-back-to-back publication (a feat in and of itself) in 2004. Dekker has done such a masterful job in creating these characters and storyworlds that everything from the previous three books came back easily.

Action, suspense, intrigue and fantasy mark this series as underscores for man's desire to find something to believe in. For our need to find a power that lifts us and sustains us. To become better than who we are.

Dekker weaves theology into deft storytelling, creating a familiar landscape for people who believe in God, as well as a thrill ride of adventure for anyone who might pick them up and read with absolutely no background in Christianity at all.

To see a well-developed trailer, visit Ted's website, or go directly to it here.

Highly recommended.

CR: Urgent Care by CJ Lyons.

It's all better with friends.


  1. I've been planning to read these for a while. Nice to know I could start with Green. Thanks for the review.

  2. It's a terrific series, Sheila. Ted has a note in the beginning of GREEN clearly saying you can begin reading with that one and be fine. I think maybe the reason I prefer ending with GREEN is that's the way I read them, and it's a little hard to imagine them being as good any other way.

    You're in for a treat, however you proceed!