Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Shout-Out for URGENT CARE by CJ Lyons

CJ Lyons is the real deal, and Urgent Care delivers the goods. (Some times cliches are a good thing.)

I'm tired of the "old format" book reviews, so indulge me over a cup of coffee, or glass of wine, while we talk about Urgent Care

This is CJ's third medical suspense and her background (pediatric emergency medicine, crisis counseling, victim advocate, flight physician, etc.) brings just the right touch of realism to the telling of a great tale.

(This is the part where anything resembling a book review turns more into a chat.) 

I wish I'd had a dramatic career before turning to writing. Mortgage banking is easy to demonize but kind of hard to make exciting. And selling Mary Kay? Uh-huh, yeah. A lot of story fodder there. (Where is that sarcasm font when I need it?)

CJ has developed four different, strong women in Urgent Care. I'd be proud to be a friend to any one of them. In each character, there's a trait that if I can't identify personally with, I can find sympathy for. 

And get this. One of her critique partners is Margie Lawson. Zowie. No wonder this was such a good read! 

My guess is that Dr. Lyons won't be available in mass market format much longer. She'll make the jump to trade and than hard cover and continue to build her readership. Oh . . . and Urgent Care is also available on Kindle. Wahoo!

(OT: Can any of you Blogger folks tell me where the spell checker for this new version can be found?)

CR: Jugglers at the Border by Robert Fate

It's all better with friends.


  1. Okay, you sold me. I'm not one who watches medical shows, etc on TV, and very seldom buy a book that has to do with it. Main reason--my mother was a nurse so I heard stories about blood and guts more than I wanted to, but this sounds like a book to buy to study the writing. I'm always looking for EXCELLENT writing. If I can't handle the story, my daughter loves this kind of stuff. Must skip a generation, huh. :)

    Oh, and I'd like to know where you got your sarcasm font. I want one. :)

    Off to google CJ Lyons and Urgent Care. Thanks!

  2. Jess, I don't think you'll be disappointed.