Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Men of Mystery

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The image of this undeniably great-looking rooster came up on Morgue File when I entered the word "handsome" in the search box. I'm a writer. I can figure out why this belongs. Right?

On one of the writer/reader loops I enjoy (DorothyL), we've been having a fun discussion on who people think the best looking male writers are.

A friend on that loop (Jenny Milchman) and I diverted with stunning ease to fictional characters. We're both in agreement that Lee Child's Jack Reacher is quite the hunk (she describes him as looking a bit like his creator, except bigger and broader with rougher, less refined features).

I'm kind of angling toward Frank Quinn, John Lutz's detective in his novels. I see Quinn as broad shouldered, hair a bit unruly, on the quiet side. He's uncomfortable in a tux, but looks like they were made with him in mind. I think, to me, he's more attractive because he's looking for one woman to share his life. Whether he knows it or not.

Do you have a fictional man of mystery that gives you a bit of a thrill?

Pray tell!

CR: Green by Ted Dekker.

It's all better with friends.


  1. O my! Peg is right that this such a fun thread. And now Lee Child will know--since how can he not read Peg's terrific blog--that his creation is on my super short List? (Really, just my husband, Jack without the commitment phobia, and Kevin Bacon. Oh, and Harrison Ford in Witness. That's it.)

    Can't wait to see the other comments!

  2. Yes, Lee pops in often. He doesn't use his real name, of course.

    Might I just add Tom Selleck to the list? In just about anything? And Johnny Depp. But older.

  3. Lucas Davenport! A big, ruggedly handsome cop...who happens to be rich and cool.

  4. Oh, yes! How could I not have thought of Lucas!

  5. That's two for Harrison Ford in Witness. Goodness. Gonna have to watch that one again.