Monday, January 10, 2011

The Saddle is Feeling Good

Okay, I'm not knocking out 10,000 word days like some writers. But then, I've NEVER had a 10,000 word day, so I don't feel so bad.

But I am feeling like I'm back in the saddle again. I am scheduling myself and following said schedule. Well . . . mostly.

Some things happen just because they're supposed to, you know? I was stymied for a good method of delivery for my amazing biological threat agent. I researched online and nothing felt right. A bomblet? Come on . . . bo-ring.

And then, on Christmas day, Fred came into my life. He was visiting his uncle, our neighbor, with whom we share most major holidays and an occasional beer.

I might be making some of this up—you know how that goes—but I'm pretty sure Fred was Special Ops. I'm pretty sure he's Mensa. And I know that right now, Fred works for a company called XE. Who most of us know better as "Blackwater." After we got through the obvious political connections, I decided Fred could be interesting. We spent an intriguing Christmas day and evening with him and his stories.

And then I realized he might be the answer to my bio threat delivery quandary.

So, I invited Fred back for New Year's Day and our crab bisque and crab cakes and money salad with black-eyed peas. To brainstorm—his words. But they were kind. The term 'brainstorm' makes it sound like I would have something to offer. The truth was, his uncle is a widower and I offered actual food. As a bribe. Easy decision on Fred's part. And, um, my only contribution to the 'brainstorming' part of the afternoon was madly taking notes.

Now, thanks to Fred, I have a cool method of delivery. And the saddle is feeling pretty good again.

How about you? Are you in the saddle? Have you ever had something happen to you at just the right moment for you manuscript?

CR: Secrets to Die For by L.J. Sellers on my Kindle. Had life not intervened, I seriously would have finished this one days ago.

It's all better with friends.


  1. Sounds like Fred is a guy whose brain any mystery or thriller writer would love to pick.

    Also, I love crab cakes and bisque as New Year's tradition--but what is money salad?

  2. Other cool things about Fred is that he used to teach, (history and government) and loved it. Was also a roadie for Willie Nelson and a few other folks. Quite the interesting young man.

    Money salad is our tasty way of getting in the required black-eyed peas. I think I got the recipe a few years ago from a Good Morning America segment.

  3. That kind of kismet feels positively delivered, doesn't it? When you are writing a novel, the whole world becomes fodder for one single thing, your creation.

    It's the best feeling in the world--after love.

  4. Jenny, it's like learning a new word . . . suddenly you see or hear that word everywhere. Well, kinda. But you know what I mean.

    And yeah, I can go with you on love. As the big thing and the main thing. But, at that moment, at that place in time, a guy who could help me figure out a clever way of delivering a biological weapon to both a couple of hikers in the Colorado mountains as well as 80,000 people at Invesco Field in Denver really got me stoked. No love involved.

  5. Way to go, girl! Stay straddled and saddled for the ride!